My Self-Coaching Experiment Week One


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So today it begins…

Each week I will take what I have learned from my teachers over the years from Tony Robbins to Pema Chodron to Malcom Gladwell and begin to apply it to myself.  Why? Well, first of all I need the motivation.  Raising two children under 3 years old does not leave a lot of time for my own self improvement.  Also, I enjoy testing my assumptions. If I believe that what I am advising my clients is good advice, then I should be able to apply it to myself.

Why share?

Because I believe sharing IS part of the learning. My role as a coach is to simply share from my own experience, not to prescribe or assume that what worked for me will work in the same way for others. Plus, if I don’t share my thoughts and ideas then I am living in a vacuum. In the Shambhala meditation tradition, they call this isolation a cocoon. I think that is such a beautiful way of looking at what happens when we hide ourselves from the rest of the world. We can remain in the cocoon for pretty much forever and never break free. But then the rest of the world will never be able to experience the beautiful butterfly that is hiding just inside ready to emerge.

Ready to emerge

For me, now is the time to break free. I have recently transitioned my business so I am solely coaching and facilitating. For years, I have paired my coaching business with business administrative work. This helped to provide income but also stability, something familiar while I was stepping into the unknown coaching world. But the time in my life of doing both has passed. I can now focus on my coaching clients 100%. And that feels incredible.

I can’t do this alone

My goal for this blog to is to share what I have learned, apply it to myself, share what I learn from those experiences and get feedback from my readers along the way. I want to hear about your experiences. Which of these ideas and concepts have worked for you? Which haven’t? Which ones do you want to try? Would anyone else like to join me on this journey?

Are you in? I am.

See you next week,



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